Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Happy Halloween

Dress 1 : Lover //Clutch 3: Marchesa //Necklace 2: Finds //Nailpolish 4: Artdeco //Lipstick 5 : Artdeco //Veil 6: Sophia Kokosalaki // High Heels 7: Giuseppe Zanotti

Looking still elegant and luxurious with our Halloween costumes, is this even possible? So that was the question I kept in my mind as I made today's outfit inspiration. The first look represents a horror bride which planned revenge on her ex-men. The old-fashioned vintage lace dress is the perfect choice for our creepy combination. Pair it with a stylish statement necklace and this wonderful Marchesa clutch. Don't forget the veil of course. For a sexy styling I would choose burgundy lipstick and matching nailpolish. I've always tried to create a costume with exclusive pieces, still looking beautiful and pretty. I didn't prefer a crazy make-up or much blood. 
The second possibility represents a kind of witch. The black dress with several layers is perfect as basic piece for a demonic look. I would wear it togehter with silver details and jewelries. For the styling you should choose dark maybe brown lipstick and smokey eyes. Let's go on with the heiarstyle. The black flower fascinator gives a scary finish. I am sure you will rock every Halloween party with these outfits. I hope you got some inspiration and enjoy your night!

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

The Lace Detail

And it happened again: an extraordinary, chic Zara top found its way into my wardrobe. I was directly obsessed with that cut, color and details. The material of the middle part looks very similar to the apricot summer variant I already showed you this year. But this time they added long sleeves and lace details. You guys might know how much I love this kind fo clothing. So feminine, sophisticated and mysterious for sure. Also the dark green color was missing to cpmlete my autumnal color palette. I think it's perfect to wear it with bordeaux nails and dark red lips. Today's combination also includes an H&M hat, black Zara jeans, a bag from Mango and elegant ankle boots.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Make a Statement

Also in this year statement sweaters are the perfect cozy eye-catcher. You might remember the Mango one I'm wearing today from the last cold season. I totally like the sequined sleeves. Mostly I don't like printed clothes but with the slogan "Petit Comité Paris" I really feel comfortable. I wear it together with my beloved Zara pants, a leo-print Primark clutch and camel sandals. Animalprint always gives our looks a touch of exceptionality. Only a few days and November finally opens its doors for us. I can't wait for my planned shopping trip, many new outfit ideas and cozy winter evenings. But there are much more reasons to be happy about the start of a new month. I will report about the GQ-Award, the Bambi-Award an the anniversary of 25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Skirt meets Sweater

Do you also love to wear skirts with black tights in the autumnal season? I really like skater skirts or wool dresses. The midseason temperature is perfect for many outfit possibilities, it's the opposite of the mostly too hot summer and freezing winter. Today I am wearing a simple black Bershka skirt paired with a khaki sweater, cozy fur vest, camel hat and Mango handbag. Berlin always has some secrets and special hotspots to offer. Sometimes I just need a place with magical atmosphere and the feeling of another century. They're inspiring and perfect to relax and forget about everything around us. Today we shot the pictures at Charlottenburg Castle. If you're planning your trip to Berlin you definitely shouldn't miss it!  

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

Plaid & Fur

This time I am a huge fan of faux fur vests and accessoires. There are so many different possibilities to wear them. Today I show you a combination with plaid blouse and grey pants. I'm always looking for outfits which are elegant and extraordinary but also perfect for daily life and a nice time in the city. Every woman wants to look pretty the whole day long not just for a party in the evening. I have to admit that I don't like long trips on high heels. But the cold season has so many feminine ankle boots to offer that look even great with just an 8cm heel. We can wear them together with skirts, jeans and lovely dresses. Tody I chose a pair of boots which are form last year's Zara collection. They remind me a little bit of cowboy booties. To catch up the silver details I was wearing my Mango shoulderbag.