Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Skirt meets Sweater

Do you also love to wear skirts with black tights in the autumnal season? I really like skater skirts or wool dresses. The midseason temperature is perfect for many outfit possibilities, it's the opposite of the mostly too hot summer and freezing winter. Today I am wearing a simple black Bershka skirt paired with a khaki sweater, cozy fur vest, camel hat and Mango handbag. Berlin always has some secrets and special hotspots to offer. Sometimes I just need a place with magical atmosphere and the feeling of another century. They're inspiring and perfect to relax and forget about everything around us. Today we shot the pictures at Charlottenburg Castle. If you're planning your trip to Berlin you definitely shouldn't miss it!  

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

Plaid & Fur

This time I am a huge fan of faux fur vests and accessoires. There are so many different possibilities to wear them. Today I show you a combination with plaid blouse and grey pants. I'm always looking for outfits which are elegant and extraordinary but also perfect for daily life and a nice time in the city. Every woman wants to look pretty the whole day long not just for a party in the evening. I have to admit that I don't like long trips on high heels. But the cold season has so many feminine ankle boots to offer that look even great with just an 8cm heel. We can wear them together with skirts, jeans and lovely dresses. Tody I chose a pair of boots which are form last year's Zara collection. They remind me a little bit of cowboy booties. To catch up the silver details I was wearing my Mango shoulderbag.

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Max Factor Colour Corrector

Max Factor Redness Corrector Review: Thanks to the Rossmann Blogger Newsletter I tested another beauty product by Max Factor. It's the new mint green stick to correct redness. At first I was a little bit skeptic about its color but everything has a special explanation. Green is perfect to balance red toned color flaws. Little inelegant flaws disappear and our teint looks fresh and pretty again. At first you have to apply the stick on the point that needs color correction and after that you have to blend the edges. Of course you can use your usual make-up. I was satisfied with the result. Even after a few hours your skin looks great and all the redness is like blown away. I also tried the "JLO's Nude" lipstick by L'Oréal Paris. I really like Jennifer Lopez and her stylings so I definitely had to buy it. The natural color is perfect for every daily life look.

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014


Today's color combination has been definitely one of my favorites for years. Autumnal rainy days in England, that's what came in my mind when I see the Burberry look-alike scarf and my black chelsea boots. Exactly these classy pieces are the reason why I love this look so much. To catch up the red color of the scarf I chose the cute little Longchamp bag. I was also wearing a green Zara jacket which is perfect for cold fall and winter days. I love relaxing and reading in a park between all the colorful leaves this time. Those who follow me on Instagram might have already seen that I bought a new book by F.Scott Fitzgerald. I was so obsessed with The Great Gatsby that I can't wait to take a closer look on another of his novels. The lovely cover fittet perfectly into the atmosphere of today's shooting. 

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Bohemian Fall

It's getting darker and colder outside and time for cozy evenings with hot chocolate and nice movies begins. I really like that season but anway it's much more difficult to take great pictures with the perfect lighting. So we were lucky to catch a few minutes without rain to shoot the second look including my long cardigan. I paired it with a simple Vero Moda top, khaki pants and classy strap pumps. I also chose a chic black and white Tally Weijl scarf and an autumnal camel hat. The accessoires give the perfect bohemian touch for this casual look. I always feel so comfortable with these shoes, they look quite feminine and extraordinary at the same time. Fall in Berlin has so many exciting events to offer. I can't wait to share my impressions with you. Especially November is full of notably red carpets and awards.